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Dear Rafael:

Thank you very much for your friendly letter and the exquisite sample of the coffee that you produce in your property of Yauco. I congratulate you for this flavorful product of our earth.

Dear Mr .Rafael

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the coffee that has sent us to our office in the Congress. You don't know how pleasant is to drink a cup of coffee here in Washington DC , specially on this cold days of winter. Please note that me and my teamwork feel very honor to have this little piece of Yauco , Puerto Rico .


The Regal Aromatic coffee is unique in flavor and quality, is pleasant to take it in the morning and afternoon. When proving it you continue with the same one.

Frank Villariño


Simply exquisite. If you are a serious coffee drinker, this is the coffee for you. - Juan Muriente. Joyuda, Puerto Rico (
I have never tasted such an incredible coffee in my life! Kudos Yaukafe for the incredible product. I'll recommend it to all my friends. - Alex Montalvo. Florida, USA

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